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Deals of the week: The Next sale is on

Let’s face it folks, for any interior/home décor lover there’s only one sale worth talking about this week and that’s the Next sale.

Usually I am one of those crazy people standing in line at the crack of dawn shivering with a mug of something strong clutched between my palms. But not this time. Oh no, this time I couldn’t find anyone equally as crazy to come with me so I bribed my young nephew and made there just before 9am.

As you can see from the pics below there were still plenty of goodies to choose from and I popped my head in again today not expecting to find much but was pleasantly surprised. On my previous trip to the Next sale on boxing day I went a little mad. In my defence I was moving into a new house, hence why my home is filled with Next homewares. This time I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, perhaps a poof, which I didn’t manage to get. However, I did come away with some nice little things.

next sale

On trip number one, since I had a demanding 10-year-old with me, I couldn’t stay for long so I quickly grabbed a beautiful while flower Sophia photo frame reduced from £12.00 to £5.00 and a sea salt and driftwood fragrance candle that apparently burns for up to 65 hours (I’ll take their word on that) for only £2.50, originally £6.00.

Then on trip number two, minus the ten-year old, I picked up a purple and gold-rimmed vase for £5.00, originally £12.00 that I’d seen on trip number one and a set of two plastic lunch boxes for £2.50 down from £6.00.

I did manage to take some sneaky pics of the sale despite the crowds and elbows. Fingers crossed you may still find a few of these items in-store or online.

nextsale 2
Cute pink tea-cup and saucer

My favourites from here are the pink flower cup and saucer. I have so many already that I decided not to get one, but looking at them now I’m starting to regret not getting it.

nextsale 3
faux plants and more

I was once again tempted by the faux plants but they were still a little too ‘faux’ for my liking and I know I’m asking for the impossible but I’d love to find some faux plants that actually look real.

nextsale 1
Coasters galore

I also particularly liked the look of the pineapple coasters. They’ve got a great summer feel but I already have so many already I couldn’t justify getting even more.

nextsale 4.jpg
Candles and diffusers

Finally, who doesn’t love candles and reed diffusers? There were so many wonderful spelling candles I was spoilt for choice. I nearly bagged the gin and tonic smelling one but thought better off it, I’d rather the real thing. As for the diffusers they all sounded lovely but the problem was I couldn’t smell any of them so I decided not to risk it.

There was so much more than I could take photos of so if there’s nothing here that takes your fancy then do head online or in store and check it out for yourselves because I also saw quite a few glamourous-looking lamps and light fittings. Happy sale hunting and if you went to the sale and picked up some goodies yourself then do let me know, I love hearing and seeing what others managed to find.



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