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Now & Then: How my rented home has changed

I thought it was about time I started to give you all a glimpse into my own home. The reason I set up this blog was to talk about the highs and lows of renting and to share my passion for interior design and home décor. Over the last few months I’ve been trying to turn our house into a home and put our own stamp on the place. For all you out there who, like myself, are renting, this isn’t easy. But it can be done mainly with a lot of help from home furnishings and accessories.


This is what our bedroom looked liked when we first moved in. I felt like the position of the bed limited the space in the room. Instead, I chose to move the head of the bed to the adjacent wall away from the window. I wanted to keep it simple in this room so we opted for minimal furniture and have stuck mainly with what was here when we moved in, including a dressing table, the first I’ve ever had. The only item we chose not to keep was the large marble mirror. I felt that there plenty of mirrors throughout the house and preferred instead something smaller and more subtle for the dressing table. The curtains in the room were purple so I kept with that colour as it also happens to be one of my favourites and introduced a lamp, candles and vases in that shade with a little pink thrown in here and there.






As you can see in the conservatory, a lot of work was still underway in there right up until moving day. The floor had to be raised, walls painted and new lighting added. But it was the one room in the house that was almost a bare shell that we could decorate ourselves. We initially were going to use it as a second lounge but found that it would become far too hot in there so instead it’s become our dining room/office. It’s one of the rooms in the house that gets the most use and is usually the most untidy. I’m a massive reader so the first thing we bought for this room was a small white bookcase which is already full. I’m a big believer in buying plain, unfussy furniture that you can then jazz up and will fit into any room when you/I move.



conservatory nowconservatory now1


The bathroom actually hasn’t changed that much, despite our landlord saying we were going to get either a new bath panel or bath, depending on how he’s feeling to the day he visits. 6 months on and we still have the same bath that leaks every time I have a shower. What I really want to do is try to get more plants in here. I’ve seen lots of succulents I’d like to try as well as hanging bathroom-friendly plants so I’m hoping to do that next month.




bathroom now.jpg


I’ve tried , as much as one can with a fitted kitchen to make it our own but I find I’m adding rather than taking away and it’s starting to become a little cluttered. I was going for the country kitchen feel (despite living in a city) but I’m not sure if I’ve quite pulled it off. I don’t mind the kitchen cupboards but would love to paint them white however that’s not an option so instead I’ve tried to introduce cream and white elsewhere.




Living room

After the conservatory my favourite place in the house in the living room. When the conservatory starts to heat up especially around midday, the living room is a cool haven to come and relax in. It’s also one of the rooms that we’ve done the most to. It’s the first room people see when the come through the front door because we have no hallway so I always wanted it to look inviting. I opted for pastel colours in pink, purple and grey in this room to work around the great sofas. If I could change one thing in the room it would be the large black glass coffee table. I wasn’t a fan of glass tables before I moved in and I’m less so now after seeing how difficult they are to keep clean. I’d have opted for something in a lighter colour and smaller.



livingroom nowlivingroom now1

The house is still a work in progress and my next projects include creating a gallery wall for either the bedroom or the living room and brining a more tropical feel into the bathroom and move away from the clichéd blue, nautical theme that I went with when we moved in.



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