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Time to declutter – One rose gold tray to the rescue

I’m not a tidy person, I’ll admit it. I have trouble keeping my house clean and tidy, mainly because I always think I have something better to do. In the war on clutter the coffee table in the living room has become something of a dumping ground for all the crap that I either take out of my bags or for the things that haven’t made it back to their rightful homes. Determined not to let this continue any longer I had a spring clean this weekend and decided to get organised.

With that in mind I went out and to find something that would help me keep all my candles, coasters and vases tidy.  As you all know I love a sale especially one that involves homewares so I couldn’t walk past the Homebird sale without buying anything. There were a selection of trays but this one I thought would fit in well with the pink colours already in the living room. It’s a gorgeous rose gold tray with a glass bottom. As I said it’s from Homebird in Altrincham Manchester and cost £10.98 (not in the sale as it turns out).


Admittedly, this tray isn’t going to solve all my messy ways but now that I’ve started I don’t intend to stop because after sorting out the coffee table I intend to move onto the conservatory and the bedroom, decluttering everything I can my hands on to the point where I’m sure I won’t actually be able find anything. But oh well, at least the place will look tidy. I’ll worry about finding things on Monday.

If you want to take a look for yourself at the lovely interiors on offer here is the link to their website: Homebird Furniture


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