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Time to brighten up the bedroom with my Debenham’s sale buys

Yesterday I got very excited about the Debenhams housewares sale (as I mentioned in my previous post) and I couldn’t leave empty-handed so I came away with these goodies.

debenham buys
Debenhams sale buys:

First up for the kitchen I bought a cream trivet originally £8.00 but in the sale it was £5.00, so no more burning my chopping boards and work surfaces with hot pans.

However, my favourite buy is the kaleidoscope butterfly duvet cover from Matthew Williamson’s butterfly HOME collection. I’ve been coveting this set for a while and I’m in love with all of Matthew Williamson’s designs for the home. They look luxurious and have a real summery, bohemian feel. There’s not a drab, dull colour in his whole collection and since we don’t seem to be having much of a summer so far, this will definitely brighten up any room.

When I saw this duvet in the sale I knew I had to have it and the fact that it was so cheap didn’t hurt either. This is a double set, 100% cotton and with 60% off it was originally £57.00 and in the sale I took it home for £22.80! With that I also purchased a set of 2 new plain white pillow cases that weren’t in the sale but were only £6.00 to replace our old ones.

Matthew Williamson Butterfly duvet cover

Above is a close-up and below you can see what it looks like with the rest of the room. As you can see our bedroom is very plain so I was keen on finding a duvet cover that brought a bit of colour and vibrancy to the room. Usually I would opt for white and accessorize with cushions but the boyfriend doesn’t like them on the bed so I had to choose something that would hold its own. I think this does a pretty good job. Everything else in the room is either pink or purple so it seems to fit in well. One thing I would say about these images is that whilst they do show off the blue tones they don’t quite bring out the purple in the sheets. Instead, they look a little brown but trust me, in person the blues and purples look stunning.

My bedroom with the new duvet cover

Below is how it looks in the official pics and I think it better reflects what it looks like in real life. They clearly have better camera equipment then I do but I think the dark walls really show it off at its best. Unfortunately, what with living in a rented house, I can’t change my walls to this deep shade of blue. I am also envious of the beautiful gallery wall they’ve got going on in this picture. The only thing my own room needs now is some art work like this on the walls which I’m hoping to start next month. I already have the art I just need to have it all framed.

matthew williamson

If you love this look then I would definitely check out the article in Living etc. magazine from April 2016 that gives you a sneak peek into Matthew Williamson’s home and his inspirations. For someone like me who doesn’t experiment with colour, Williamson’s house couldn’t be more different.

Living etc. magazine


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