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Deals of the week: It’s Debenham’s sale time

Apologies for not bringing you any deals of the week last week but to be honest I didn’t see anything that really stood out to me unlike this week where my deals of the week all come from Debenhams. (They’re not paying me to promote their stuff in case you’re wondering. I just happen to think they have some great things in their sale).

If you haven’t had a chance to yet, head into Debenhams because they have a huge blue cross sale from a whopping 60% off down to a not too measly 20%. There are sales across the whole store but the one that took my fancy was in their home department.

I can’t guarantee all of these items will be in your local Debenhams but I’ve tried to capture a good selection below. I’ve not managed to find and include the names and prices of all the items in the pictures instead choosing to give you a flavour of what is on offer in their sale.

These come from the Debenhams in Manchester City centre which has quite a large selection but I did also check out the sale in the Altrincham branch of Debenhams and most but not all of these items were there and that is a much smaller store.

Want to see what I’ve found? First up are these half-price items which range from candles and jewellery boxes to clocks and faux flowers.

On the top shelf there’s the butterfly hanging attachment by Matthew Williamson that vary by size from £3.00-£5.00. Also by Matthew Williamson are the pink, purple and blue scented votive candles in boxes from his Butterfly collection at £9.00 each. Debenhams Home Collection also have their own sandalwood scented candles at £3.25. Next to those is the JRJ John Rocha dark grey stripped bottle vase in the sale at £12.60. On the second shelf is the jewellery drawer unit from the Butterfly Home collection by Matthew Williamson with a saving of 30% now £22.40.  Below that is the Debenhams Home Collection artificial tulips in a glass vase at £22.50. At the bottom are the Ben di Lissi home yellow giraffe bookends at a 50% saving now £12.50. There are also a variety of Jones clocks which I think varied in price. At the very end is the ‘cosmo’ gold ‘wish wall art at £8.00, 50% off.

deb 1
All half-price

Next are these cushions which seem to vary in terms of sale discount. I particularly loved the hummingbird cushions and the ones on the top shelf with giraffes on which I think would love really cute in a child’s bedroom.

Top: Home collection silver textured patterned cushion with linen and silk 50% now £14.00. (They are also on the second shelf as well). Second row: Navy J by Jasper Conran cushion at £15.20 with 60% off. Third row: Home Collection white watercolour bird cushion £17.50, 30% off. Debenhams Home collection Dalmatian print cushion 50% off now £9.00. Bottom: RJR John Rocha grey ikat print cushion £22.80, that’s 40% discount.

cushions galore

They also have a sale on their lamps, vases and candle holders with 20% off. There wasn’t anything here that particularly caught my eye but that might be because I have so many already that I wouldn’t know where to put them.

On the top from left to right: JRJ John Rocha small silver scratch effect vase £16.00. JRJ John Rocha tall silver hammered vase £38.40. On the bottom are silver textured feather filled cushions by JRJ John Rocha at £22.40. JRJ John Rocha large silver scratch effect vase £30.40

Vases and candle holders

Fear not there’s more yet. Need a new bread bin or somewhere to hide those biscuits you shouldn’t be eating? Check out these beauts. Being addicted to cheese I couldn’t pass by without noticing their cheese boards and knives. It did take all the strength I have not to buy them. After all, what cheese lover doesn’t want a cheese dome?

Cheese glorious cheese. Debenhams has just the board for it.

Top: At Home with Ashley Thomas pale green bread bin jar £21.00, 50% off.  From the Debenhams Home Collection are the cream ceramic embossed biscuit jar £8.00 with 50% off, cream ceramic embossed bread bin £21.00, 50% off and the cream ceramic embossed coffee jar £7.00 saving 50%. On the second shelf is again their Home Collection cream ceramic embossed oil bottle £6.00, 50% off. Third shelf: Home collection black slate cheese board with cheese dome 40% off at £21.00.

Jamie Oliver’s kitchen range and much more

If none of that has wet your appetite then how about some Jamie Oliver? There’s the Jamie Oliver retro double oven glove in yellow £7.20 40% off. My particular favourites are the At Home with Ashley Thomas range, with her white floral oven glove £9.00, 40% off and at the far end Ashley Thomas’ white floral teapot and mug set £14.00, 30% off.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen then why not pop in and check it out for yourselves. Happy sale hunting!


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