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Deals of the week – Home Bargains & Primark

As promised, I’ve been out and about again hunting down some of the best deals of the week, all at ridiculously low prices.(Gosh, doesn’t that sound like something off a T.V. advert!) I’ve had an incredibly productive week with lots of fantastic things to show you. These are purely personal choices, items that either I have bought myself or would want to own.

First up is Primark. If you haven’t already checked out their homewares department you really must because they have a great range of inexpensive goodies for the home. Some are a little kitsch but because they’re made to follow trends, chances are they’re not the kinds of things you’re going to keep and use forever. These mini faux plants made me smile, especially since I am still on the hunt for a few faux plants to go in my conservatory and bathroom. I also fell in love with their giant, gold elephant candles, perfect for giving your home that summer, bohemian vibe. If I remember correctly, most of these were under £10

primark 2 (2)

In the image below are yet more faux plants (are you starting to detect a theme here?) and copper-style candle holders. Personally, I think the whole copper trend has had its day but if it’s a trend you love, then you can knock yourself out with these.

primark 1 (2)
Yet more faux plants and copper candle holders

Finally from Primark, these are the buys I took home myself,  cute and on-trend cactus shaped candles for £2.00. I’ve already decided that they’re going to be dotted in amongst the plants and flowers in the conservatory and will look great once lighted in the evening as we sit and eat dinner. They’re fun and give off a real summery vibe.

cactus candles (2)

Believe or not I did shop somewhere other than Primark this week because my next great deals come from Home Bargains. Their homewares department has a lovely selection including those from their baking range called Bakeshop. They very much remind me of Cath Kidson so if you’re a fan, as I am, but want something a little less pricey, then these are a savvy buy. I plan on picking up the red-spot jug and measuring cups next time I’m in there. From left to right, the 4 pack of measuring cups are £3.99, the North Pole ceramic jug is £4.99 and the North Pole book stand is £2.99.

homebargains (2)
Measuring cups, jug and cookbook stand

I also noticed that these Primrose biscuit tins were on their star buy of the week at only £1.99.

star bus (2)
Biscuit tins

As I was browsing the food section I am across these flours from their Ancient Bakes range. I’m reliably informed that they can be used to add a protein or fibre boost to cakes, biscuits, breads and more. The range includes quinoa flour: a nutritious all-purpose flour for baking & cooking, teff flour: ideal for sweet and savoury cooking, chickpea flour: a great binding alternative, widely used in vegan cooking, freekeh flour: a nutritious wheat-based flour for baking and cooking and millet flour used for sweet and savoury cooking. At only 29p each for 120g they’ve got to be worth trying.

flour (2)
Flour range

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out my deals of the week and if you do pick up any, then do let me know what you think. Meanwhile I’m off to light my cactus candles.


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