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Welcome to Simmy’s interior design blog

Welcome to my home. My boyfriend and I moved in around the start of January. The reason I was so keen to start an interiors blog after moving in, knowing that there were so many fantastic ones out there was two fold; firstly, I felt that many were appealing to a readership that owned their own homes and could make substantial changes to them and secondly, seemed to have budgets I could only dream of. Instead, I wanted to create a blog that showed interior design ideas that were both affordable and achievable as well as other lifestyle-related topics.

I decided to subtitle the blog, ‘interior design ideas​ for generation rent’ because an ever growing number of people are finding it difficult if not near-on impossible to get on the property ladder. Many rent through choice but a large number do so because they simply can’t afford to buy. This means that many people’s first homes, whether you’re single or a couple, is a rented one and there are  many limitations especially when it comes to interior design. I wanted a place where I could chronicle these difficulties whilst also exploring my love of all things home-related.

We were lucky enough to find a house to rent from a friend of the family so we escaped paying agency fees. Most aren’t that lucky. The house came fully furnished which can be both a blessing and a curse. As many of you will no doubt know, it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand it can save you money on furniture and white goods but it also means that you’re living with someone else’s furniture and my extension their tastes.

What I liked about our house was the neutral colour palette; white walls, grey sofas and plain carpets. Personally, I’m not a massive fan of glass furniture, which is what we had in the living room. But the great challenge of attempting to decorate a rented home is working around these issues. I thought a lot about how I could incorporate my style into what existed in the house already.

Another issue with renting instead of buying is that, because you don’t own the house, you can’t make any structural changes. Even simple things like painting walls or hanging up paintings or shelves have to be approved by many landlords.

Despite all these challenges and many more I’m something of a masochist and I enjoy the challenges that comes with decorating a rental. Since there’s little chance of us being able to buy anywhere in the immediate future the focus for me has and will be on turning any place we rent into a comfortable home that suits our style.

We already know that we’ll have to move on again from here at the end of the year. Our landlady has told us that she intends to sell this house. The uncertainty is never ideal but it’s something that much are my generation are faced with so we are not alone. So I’m looking forward to sharing my renting escapades with you all as well as all things interior design related that I love and much more.